Nathan Fletcher:

Corruption, Extremism, Failures

Nathan Fletcher Wants to Impose a Costly Mileage TaxNathan Fletcher Policies Spark a Dangerous Crime WaveNathan Fletcher Allows Filthy Streets Filled with HomelessnessNathan Fletcher: A Pattern of Corrupt “Pay-to-Play” Kickbacks
Nathan Fletcher: A Pattern of Hurting Working Families
Nathan Fletcher Supports Higher Gas & Utility Costs
Nathan Fletcher: Toxic and Vindictive Treatment of Constituents
Nathan Fletcher Enriches Himself While Hurting Working Families
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Nathan Fletcher Wants to Impose a Costly Mileage Tax

"[T]hey [drivers] can pay per mile."
– Nathan Fletcher, San Diego Union Tribune, 2/24/19

Nathan Fletcher supports the outrageous Mileage Tax proposal to hurt working families and make it harder to simply drive.

Under Fletcher's Mileage Tax proposal, every driver would be charged 4–6 cents per mile that they drive — costing the average driver $600 more per year. That's $1200 more per year for the average two car family! Even worse, every driver’s mileage would be tracked and reported for billing purposes to local governments — raising serious concerns about privacy.

To add insult to injury, Fletcher is one of worst when it comes to raiding road repair funds and diverting them to purposes that won't improve congestion or transportation. In fact, Fletcher even explicitly called for "less parking" and to "get cars off the freeway." If you won't use public transit by choice, Fletcher is committed to forcing you.

Nathan Fletcher Policies Spark a Dangerous Crime Wave

"[Approving Fletcher's program] could mean taking funds from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office."
— "If Not Police Departments, Where Should the Money Go?" - NBC7, 6/15/20

Nathan Fletcher supports defunding the police. A recent Politico/Morning Consult poll found that 75% of voters blame "defund the police" for rising crime. While Fletcher has fought to strip funding and resources from our police officers, criminals have stolen from and ransacked businesses in his district. In May 2020, businesses in La Mesa were even burned down, but Fletcher didn't lift a finger to help.

After Fletcher took office, San Diego County experienced:

• 14% increase in violent crimes
• 21% increase in aggravated assaults
• 10% increase in property crimes
• 21% increase in motor vehicle thefts

Nathan Fletcher: Filthy Streets Filled with Homelessness

Under Nathan Fletcher's watch, homelessness has skyrocketed on San Diego County streets — thus creating filthy and unhealthy conditions. This not only hurts the homeless, but also surrounding residents and communities.

The Voice of San Diego reported that "As a rain storm hit San Diego Monday, nearly three dozen city-funded shelter beds ... sat empty." Some San Diegans have complained that "approximately 1,500 beds were not filled during the annual census."

Nathan Fletcher opposes giving law enforcement powers to enforce vagrancy, panhandling, and indecency laws against homeless, when all studies show law enforcement is the foundation of getting the homeless off the street and into life changing services.

Fletcher even supports the distribution of drug paraphernalia, including crack pipes through his support of "safe smoking" supplies at his new Community Harm Reduction Team (C-HRT) facility.

Fletcher has also diverted homeless service funds to enrich private developers on projects that fail to address the root causes of homelessness: addiction and mental health.

Nathan Fletcher: A Pattern of Corrupt "Pay-to-Play" Kickbacks

Nathan Fletcher has a pattern of rewarding his political contributors using your taxpayer funds, both through direct grants of taxpayer money to groups and corporations as well backroom sweetheart deal government contracts.

Fletcher supported the costly Project Labor Agreement (PLA) policies that discriminate against minority-owned small businesses in the issuance of government contracts throughout San Diego County. Who benefits from PLAs? Large companies and special-interest groups whose members have financially supported Nathan Fletcher in his elections.

Nathan Fletcher has also utilized his grants to directly fund groups that have engaged in a wide range of political activities that benefitted Nathan Fletcher.

Nathan Fletcher carried legislation that benefitted rich downtown developers and would give them access to billions in corporate subsidies. Fletcher introduced his measure in the dead of night with no transparency or public input.

Nathan Fletcher: A Pattern of Hurting Working Families

Nathan Fletcher has consistently opposed programs designed to help working families:

• Voted for an “all-cuts” budget that reduced K–12 education by $3 billion a year
• Voted to eliminate need-based childcare
• Voted to eliminate Welfare to Work for 500,000 families and 1 million children
• Voted to reduce Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
• Voted to cut $750 million for Medi-Cal
• Voted to suspend minimum funding guarantee for public schools
• Abstained on measure to pay back funding owed to public schools
• Voted against health plans covering maternity services
• Supported measure to raid public school funding and give it to downtown developers

Nathan Fletcher Supports Higher Gas & Utility Costs

Nathan not only supported raising the Gas Tax to highest level in country, but Fletcher also supports costly mandates that have increased gas prices over $1.50 more per gallon than national average.

Despite SDG&E rates increasing 8-25% for your gas and electricity, Nathan Fletcher believes you should still pay more for your utilities. Nathan Fletcher has supported costly regulations and mandates such that San Diegans now pay 250% more than the national average.

Fletcher even supports the government takeover of electric utilities through the Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program, which would only increase your monthly rates and create billions of dollars in liabilities for taxpayers that eventually would have to be repaid through higher rates.

Nathan Fletcher: Toxic and Vindictive Treatment of Constituents

Nathan Fletcher has an arrogant and dismissive pattern of behavior of mistreating his own constituents and undermining public transparency.

Nathan Fletcher arbitrarily changed the rules of the Board of Supervisors to restrict public comment and participation in board meetings. Prior to Fletcher assuming office, board meetings were tranquil and peaceful meetings where controversy was rare. With Fletcher in office, county government has become a hostile environment.

Nathan Fletcher has a pattern of retaliating against critics. Fletcher directed code enforcement to target and punish individuals and small businesses that spoke out against his policies. Fletcher even falsely accused his critics of being Nazis and “violent” individuals when absolutely no basis existed for those smears.

Nathan Fletcher Enriches Himself While Hurting Working Families

In February 2020, Fletcher arrogantly told the public not to worry about the Covid-19 virus outbreak in China. He repeated this bad advice multiple times on television, radio, and in print.

A short time later, Fletcher bought tens of thousands in stock from companies that would benefit from a pandemic and lockdowns, including: Zoom; LHC Group, Inc.; Chemed; Apple; CVS health; Hormel; Cisco; and Ball Corp. All of these companies directly benefited from lockdowns at the expense of small businesses that would suffer under lockdowns.

While he held these stocks, Nathan Fletcher adamantly supported lockdowns that would benefit his portfolio while putting thousands of San Diegans out of work and hurting small businesses.

Fletcher never missed a paycheck during the pandemic, and he sold his stock for a handsome profit before his Covid restrictions were lifted.

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A pattern of corruption, extremism, and failure.

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